How we hire ?

Talent Acquisition plays a key role within the human resources policy of CMA CGM Group.

Our mission is to attract the best talents, supporting the performance of the group. 

Our commitment is to take care of each application and of each candidate who shows interest in our group and in our career opportunities.

Our recruiters are in charge of your candidate experience to make it the most pleasant as possible, both in the case in which you are selected or not for a job

To come along CMA CGM’s adventure, you will experience four recruitment steps:

1. The application: 

Choose your job: the first step in the recruitment process is the choice and selection of the job. You will choose the job among the list of the open vacancies, according to your skills set and to your professional project and ambition.

If you have not found a job matching opportunity, please join our Talent Community​​​​​​​ to create your profile, upload your CV and set-up job alerts.

2. The screening step:

Once you have applied on our career site, your application will be examined by your recruiter. He or she will read your resume and cover letter and will make a first selection of applications. If your resume is part of this list, you will step forward in the process. The recruiter will contact you for a first phone call. If after this step you are selected, you will enter in the heart of the process: the interview.

3. The interview step:

The interview step is divided into three moments:


  • With Talent Acquisition teams: you will meet physically with your recruiter during an average one-hour interview. If your recruiter is certified in “Thomas PPA”, he or she will ask you to pass a behavior test and will present you the results. 
  • With the manager: this interview has the objective of presenting yourself to your future manager and daily interface in your job, and to have more details about the responsibilities and the team.
  • With the HR Business Partner: the last interview is with the person which will be your Human Resources Business Partner, in charge of your onboarding, contract interactions, mobility steps, and current HR life during all your professional life within CMA CGM Group. 


4. The Job Offer step:

The job offer is the last step of your candidate experience. This includes receiving an offer letter stating the position’s title, the salary, the start date, and other terms and conditions of employment that are based on the agreement between the company and the candidate. Your recruiter will call you to answer to all your questions about these terms.
If, after each stage of the process, your application is not selected for pursuing the recruitment, your recruiter will provide you a response. You will receive a questionnaire from Happy Candidates in which you can share and evaluate your candidate experience.


Checking References: Your recruiter may ask you to provide references names on your background. It is recommended to prepare a list of references from the beginning of the process

Video Interview: Some of our recruiters are equipped with tools allowing video interview. You can also be asked to participate to a “on-demand video interview”: you are invited to connect to a platform and to answer to several questions. This stage is optional and may be used in the screening step.