Happy Candidates

“Happy Candidates” is the first label that rewards excellence in the overall recruitment experience.

Since 2015, ChooseMyCompany has been conducting a survey on the quality and performance of recruitment processes.

The purpose of this survey is to improve the quality of contacts with candidates, as well as the recruitment process in general, but also the reputation and attractiveness of the company through feedback and satisfaction of candidates.

The survey is entirely based on the feedback of candidates who were interviewed, recruited or not. They receive a survey of 16 questions on 4 themes : the reputation of the company, the recruitment process, the people met by the candidate and the level of information he has.

To be labeled “Happy Candidates”, it requires a participation rate higher than 30%, an overall score higher than 3.9 / 5 and a recommendation rate greater than 70%.

For the fifth consecutive year, the CMA CGM Group is awarded the HappyIndex® / Candidates 2022 accreditation. This year, the Group was even ranked first in the category of companies with over 1,500 employees:

  • Overall score: 4,29/5
  • Recommendation rate: 86,7%
  • Participation: 40,1%