Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply for a job in CMA CGM Group?
To apply to our jobs you have to connect to from your computer, tablet or smartphone, and apply online on an open position.


Which documents have I to provide in my application?
We need your resume and cover letter. Make sure you provide the document in English or in the local language where the job is located.


I do not have my resume in my computer: may I still apply?
Technically you can apply without resume, but your application will not be considered.

I have not found a job matching with my criteria. How can I send my application to CMA CGM?
You can create a profile and send a spontaneous application to

What happens when I create a profile without applying for a position?
Your profile will be consulted by our recruiters. If your experience and qualifications match with one of our jobs, we may contact you for a first interview and invite you to apply. You also have the opportunity to sign up for a Search Agent and have our system notify you about positions for which you may be qualified. To set up a Search Agent, see What is a Search Alert?


I can’t access my profile, I have lost my password. How can I do?
Your username is your email address that you used to sign up. Please note even if you update your email address for receiving communications, the username is still the original email you signed up with. If you forgot your password, go to the sign in page and choose the “forgot your password” link to have a temporary password sent to your email address.


What is a Search Alert?
A Search Alert is an automatic Agent sending you job offers which fit with your criteria. You can select 3 criteria: the contract type, the job category and the country of work. The agent will send you automatically job offers that are published meeting the criteria you have selected. To create an agent, you have to create a profile. The option will appear then in your personal account.


I’ve applied to a position, but I am interested also in another role.  Do I need to apply again?
Yes. If you see multiple roles that you’re interested in, please apply to each of them.